Imagine if Nikon or Canon updated like Apple?

By this time tomorrow, for the first time since 2008 I won’t own any of Apple’s iOS devices. iPhone will be replaced with a Samsung Galaxy S3 and my original iPad will be replaced with a Google Nexus 7. So why, considering my VERY pro Apple stance?

Basically, I’m fed up feeling ripped off by Apple. Long gone is the company that seemed to put the user experience first. You paid a premium for Apple products but on the whole they WERE premium products. Everything from the packaging to the use of the item was so obviously carefully thought out; I at least, perceived they were worth the extra cash.

Since Apple became the world’s richest company though there’s been a distinct change. I’ve had 3 MacBook’s now but my latest 13″ Pro is by far the slowest and least reliable I’ve owned. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s simply not the product it used to be. My older Black MacBook running OSX10.6 is noticeably faster than the i5 machine running 0SX10.7. That shouldn’t be right!

Then there’s the iPad, the crowning turd of Apple’s greed. 2 years ago I bought the original iPad. £500 for a 32gb WiFi model was pricey but hey, this was Apple and it would be worth it. Was it though? At the time the iPad was unique so it was a pretty amazing bit of kit but less than 12 months later along came iPad2, faster and sleeker.

That was the first signs of something wrong. Occasional apps that would only work on iPad 2. Few and far between but there already not supporting the original machine less than 12 months after launch. Then came the new iPad, less than 24 months after I got original iPad and with it an announcement that iOS6 when it launches in the autumn won’t be supported on the original iPad.

What this means in real terms is that your original iPad is very much dead. Sure, it’ll still work but this is when the flood of iOS6 only apps will start to appear and owners of that original iPad will start to get left behind. This is now the Apple way, force the hardware upgrades by means of software updates that cripple the original device. Remember iOS4 on the original 3G iPhone? iOS4 ran like a dog on the 3G so the world went out and bought iPhone 4. You can be sure iOS6 will run like a dog on iPhone 4 so the world runs out and gets iPhone 5.

I’ve had enough of this and I’m getting off this particular bandwagon.

Now, to the original point of this post, imagine if Nikon or Canon behaved like that? I could go out now and buy a Nikon D4, the newest of the new and stick on a 30 year old Nikon lens and it’ll work. I could go out and buy a brand new Nikon lens and stick it on a 12 year old D70 and it’ll work. Buy a Nikon camera and a Nikon lens and it’ll work forever, or at least until components fail. It won’t stop working because Nikon want you to buy their new shiny lens rather than your old one that works perfectly well.

We expect and demand this of companies such as Nikon or Canon and there’s a lot of brand loyalty out there. If you buy into one system few ever change. There’s no real need to. I have a 10 year old Nikon lens; I paid around £500 for it new. I could, with confidence by any new Nikon body safe in the knowledge that it’ll work just fine, it will in another 10 years time too yet less than 2 years after spending £500 with Apple I’ve got a technological ornament? Nikon aren’t changing mounts forcing me to upgrade, no, they make sure that even if they do make changes previous kit will still work in the way you expect it to.

I can even look at my 6 year old PS3, a more direct comparison to an iPad than a camera maybe. I can buy any new game for this system and it’ll work, regardless of the age of the device, it’ll work. That’s value for money, that’s not being ripped off, that Apple, is how you should be treating customers. It’s all very well driving technical innovation but lets not forget those that have forked out their hard earned in these difficult financial times that helped you become the richest company in the world.

In the race to stay ahead, Apple may find the tides about to turn, Nikon and Canon however will still be the major players in their field in 20 years time, and I wonder where Apple will be in 20 years time?

I’ll also point out that prior to writing this I have owned… Apple Quadra 800, 15gb 3rd gen iPod, white MacBook, black MacBook, 1st gen iPod Touch, 3rd gen iPod Nano, 20″ iMac, iPad, i5 MacBook Pro, iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G and an iPhone 4. If Apple can piss me off they can piss anybody off!


7 responses

  1. Building your own PC and only having to upgrade individual parts at the end of their useful life is a liberating experience.
    I once asked a devout Apple fan for the specs of their machine to compare to my own computer. The answer “Fast”.
    Apple take advantage of people by selling their devices as mythological powerhouses and under the illusion that you can only be creative if you own one.
    Well its never stopped me by not using one and its cost me a lot less.

    July 24, 2012 at 10:16 am

    • I’m fast coming round to that way of thinking myself. I prefer using laptops and in the past my MacBook’s have been fantastic, this latest quad code i5 though is somewhat lacking. Seriously considering offloading it and moving to a high spec PC laptop once Windows 8 is available.

      July 24, 2012 at 10:25 am

    • Except you can buy, for example, a MacBook Air for less than the equivalent PC laptop, an iPad for less than the equivalent Android tablet and you can’t even buy an equivalent of a Retina MacBook Pro.

      July 29, 2012 at 2:24 am

  2. i liked my old Iphone, but beyond that i havent owned any apple products. not inclined to now that ive read this, either! very good points youve made. i dont think apple is the only one doing this, but likely doing it the most.

    July 24, 2012 at 2:41 pm

  3. I have to disagree! The tablet market is a new one, and fast moving. Your iPad 1 works just as well as it ever did – no-one is forcing you to upgrade the OS. Could you have bought one from someone else that would have been any more upgradable? Most other tablets are stuck with whatever they came with. Most other manufacturers have stopped supporting their tablets within months, with no OS upgrades at all. I think that if you buy a product in a newly created category, you have to accept that the market will evolve quickly until it matures. You could always eBay your old iPad and buy a newer one – at least Apple products hold their value well.

    July 29, 2012 at 2:32 am

    • I can’t agree Mike. You simply cannot leave Apple devices running an old OS, very quickly the devices are as good as crippled as the apps update and take advantage of new features in the OS and they won’t work on the older versions. That’s what iPad1 is looking at in the next few months. I have sold it by the way and my iPhone and that’s me finished now with Apple stuff for the foreseeable. Just another point to note too, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is so far ahead of the iPhone4s it’s nearly out of sight, Apple are playing catchup rather than being the innovators now, when did that happen?

      July 29, 2012 at 10:38 am

      • I agree that Samsung and Apple are leapfrogging each other at the moment – no doubt the next iPhone will beat the S3, and then it will be Samsung’s turn – and competition can only be good for us all. However, Android just doesn’t support the rich app ecosystem that iOS does, and I’d bet a considerable amount that the Samsung S3 will become unsupported long before any equivalent Apple device.

        July 29, 2012 at 10:49 am

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