200,000 and counting on Flickr

200,000 and counting on Flickr

The stats…

200,000 page views and counting


My most popular image according to Flickr is Danbo on a firework, this reached Explore number 2 and the Front Page as well.

To boldly go... - Explore #2, FP

My own personal favourite is this image of Calton Hill, its also the view I’ve photographed most in Edinburgh. This reached a high of 15 in Explore and went front page as well. This image was also published by the Edinburgh Evening News:

Classic Edinburgh - Explored & FP

My First front page image was this abstract number which went as high as number 24 in Explore:

Back garden bokeh - FP Explored

This was my 2nd Front Page image which curiously only went as high as 48 in Explore, usually out the range of a FP image:

Hoverfly drama queen with added willowherb - FP Explored

My 5th and latest FP was this shot taken in Princes Street, Edinburgh which went as high as number 22:

Princes Street Light Trails - Explored, FP

I’ve now had 90 images in Explore, of which this slightly embarrassing shot was the very first:

Hulk want daisys EXPLORED

The rest of my Explore images can be seen here

Thanks to everyone who’s every commented, fav’d or even viewed my stuff on Flickr!

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  1. looks very good!!

    December 30, 2010 at 7:55 am

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